Lord Owen Griffiths

Name: Lord Owen Griffiths Occupation: Faerie Lord
Place of Birth: Caerleon, South Wales Current Residence: Ynys Monn, North Wales
Appearance: Tall and slender.
Childhood: Tormented by his peers as a young boy in South Wales during the Dark Ages. Grew up as an aggressive and belligerent child.
Education: Raised within the Faerie Veil by Auberon and others of the Seelie court where he learned the true value of honour and chivalry.
Virtue: Respectful and Gallant. Vice: Has a tendency to preach and moralise.
Style: Old-fashioned and respectable. Personality: Puritanical.
Likes: Natural order. Dislikes: Oppressive Technology.
Most valued principle: Harmony with nature.
Most treasured possession:  
Most valued person: Nimüe, one of the Gwagged Annwn lake ladies of North Wales and his tutor within the Faerie Veil.
Nemesis: The Steam Lords. Alliances: The Second Compact Alliance.
The Ancient Brotherhood of the Druidic Temple.
Romantic Life: Has a rather volatile relationship with the Gwagged Annwn Nimüe, who lives nearby in Llyn Llywenan.
Social Goal: To re-establish his reputation after several centuries of absence from the social circles of New Europa.
Professional Goal:  
Romantic Goal:  
Great - Glamour Heart
Good - Charisma Heart, Education Diamond, Etherealness Spade, Social Graces Spade
Poor - Connections Spade, Sorcery Diamond
Kindred Powers: Enchantment Club [AV] Repulsions: Holy symbols and prayer.
Action most regretted: His withdrawal from New Europan society while the Steam Lords established their grip on Britain.
Proudest moment: When the Steam Lords accepted defeat and stopped work on the Swansea-Caernarfon railway.
Hits : 5 Damage Taken:  

The Memoirs of Owen Griffiths

Though I have always been a recluse even among my own people, with the advent of the Second Compact I know that now is the time to involve myself once more in the affairs of mankind and in the struggle against the Unseelie. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Owen Griffiths, a Daione Sidhe from the mountains of North Wales, and solitary by nature.

Some would say that my mannerisms and attitudes are outdated. I have been told that my style of dress is archaic, and that I do not follow the latest trends in fashion; but that is of little concern to me. Clothes do not make the man (or the Faerie), but rather the strength of the heart that beats within his breast. Indeed, I have seen fashions come and go over the years with much frequency; but honour, courage and virtue are eternal.

Among the Daione Sidhe I am considered young, barely fourteen-hundred when measured in mortal years. My mother was a princess from the town of Caerleon in South Wales sometime between the fall of the Roman Empire and the reign of King Arthur. About my father I know nothing, other than that he was one of the Fae. My mother never revealed who he had been; though I am told my grandfather, the king, beat her till she almost miscarried, trying to force her to reveal the name of the man who had lain with her. She never told him, and she never told me; but I know that he was no mortal. I suspect that my sire may have been a nature spirit of some description for I have always had an affinity with animals. Of course, any kindred powers inherited from him that I once possessed changed with my transformation when I took my current form; and my memories of their nature have grown hazy over the passing centuries.

With no known father, and with my unusual appearance, I was tormented as a child; but that did not last for long. I soon discovered that I was something more than mortal, and with that knowledge came the power to avenge any slight or insult. As I have already stated, I no longer recall the nature of those powers; but I do know that I was a aggressive and belligerent child, bearing grudges, avenging myself on those bigger than myself through sly and treacherous tricks, and bullying those smaller than myself.

After my mothers death while I was still a boy, my father's kin took me to the Faerie Veil where they taught me of my heritage and the responsibilities that came with it. Even among the Seelie of the Veil I was an obnoxious youth; but my tutor, a lake maiden named Nimüe, was patient. In time and under her strict tutelage I came to see the error of my ways, and to learn the value of chivalry and honour.

When I returned once more to the mortal realm, I made my home in the North of Wales on the island of Ynys Monn. Across the border in England, Stephen and Matilda fought for the crown. Wars were fought to return Jerusalem under Christian control. Hidden within my island sanctuary, time passed me by. Only when Owen Glendower roamed the length of Offa's Dyke did I intervene, providing him with a sanctuary when he was driven back from the borders. Politics interested me nought.

On occasion I did travel, but rarely ventured further than Y Wyddfa (Mount Snowdon). I was quite content with the serenity of my reclusive life. I cared for the animals that inhabited my island, enjoyed the companionship of the Seelie that lived in the rivers and lakes (including Nimüe who had returned to the Fifth Earth and taken up residence in Llyn Llywenan) and befriended the Druids.

I have been closeted within the confines of my mountains for nearly eight centuries now, and much has happened in the world since I last ventured among the mortals of Britain. The Unseelie have been working hard in my absence, and the Wales that I love is slowly being industrialised. The area where I was born is heavily mined for coal. Ugly mountains of slag destroy the beauty of the landscape. The stench of the ironworks pervades the air with its foul odours (not to mention the pain it causes, which has driven the Faerie from the region), and the workers and their families live in conditions of such poverty and squalor that I cannot understand why they remain.


There are times when I cannot comprehend the motivations of our host, Sir Sebastian. His flamboyance and gaiety is in such contrast to my own more reserved and respectful approach to life, yet I know that he upholds the very virtues to which I myself aspire. I met the young nobleman whilst he was working with the druids to undermine the influence of the Steam Lords. Slate quarried from the mountains of North Wales is used to roof the slum dwellings being built in the South, and it had been proposed that a railway line should be constructed between Caernarfon and Swansea. The thought of such desecration appalled me, and we worked together to sabotage the work, each night tearing up the track that had been laid that day, until the robber barons grudgingly accepted defeat.