Hi! I'm Mark Baker. Welcome to my web pages.

So who is this Mark Baker guy?

Like most people, I spend most of my days at work; so I'm going to be conventional and give you the brief overview of my working life.

Currently I'm a computer consultant with CSC Computer Sciences, working from Preston in the North of England. In the past, I've been employed by such exalted companies as Marconi Underwater Systems, Ferranti Electronics, Plessey Semiconductors, Hoskyns and the Co-op.
I've worked with computers since before IBM invented the PC, which makes my reminiscences of punched cards and paper tapes quite believable.... even to the Wintel generation. I've been called both geek and hacker, and am proud to admit I'm both.

Jeez! This guy has no social life.

Not true. I'm quite busy while away from work; and while my hobbies might not be to everyone's taste, they're certainly social activities.
I'm single at the moment, but that hasn't always been the case: I've been married and had children

So what does he do when he's not working?

Away from computers, I read and write fiction - particularly Technothriller, Cyberpunk, Science Fiction and Fantasy; enjoy roleplaying games; and watch Japanese Anime and Hong Kong movies. I listen to many types of music, but especially jazz. The only time the radio in my car isn't tuned to Jazz FM is when my daughter is with me.

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